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Crop Risk Underwriting Pty Ltd (CRU) is a specialist Crop Insurance underwriting agency that provides a range of products to help clients deal with the risks from hail, fire, and adverse weather. Our products include Broadacre Insurance, Cotton Crop Insurance & Weather Index Insurance.

CRU’s broadacre crop insurance products include a capped yield and a variable yield option and are both suited to the insurance of crops such as wheat, barley, canola, legumes, other cereals, and summer crops. Our cotton insurance product also provides a capped yield and a variable yield option and is available for both dryland and irrigated crops. The weather index insurance products provide protection against adverse rainfall (excess/deficit) and adverse temperatures (too hot/too cold).

Digital agriculture and remote sensing technologies are continuing to develop, and CRU is constantly seeking ways to re-define how agricultural insurance integrates with the new technologies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its products.  We believe crop insurance shouldn’t be an afterthought or a grudge purchase but an integral part of a client’s risk management toolbox.

We actively seek to disclose all the workings of our products and want our clients to be fully informed when making the decision to purchase. The most expensive insurance a client can buy is the one that doesn’t provide the protection they expected.

Claims are an integral part of crop insurance as they represent the opportunity for us to deliver on our “promise to pay”. Our clients have a key role in the claims process by actively working with our loss adjuster partners in quickly identifying the cause, location, and extent of any loss. Our loss adjusting partners can promptly attend to losses across Australia.

CRU’s Insurance Policies are available for all eligible farmers Australia wide through our broker partners Located in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, and Western Australia.

our featured Products

Broadacre Crop Insurance

Broadacre Insurance

Cover against loss of potential yield to standing crops as a direct consequence of Hail & Fire and additional benefits.

Cotton Crop Insurance

Cotton Insurance

Cover against loss of potential yield to standing crops as a direct consequence of Hail & Fire and additional benefits.

Weather Index Insurace

Weather Index Insurance

Protection against adverse rainfall (too wet, too dry) & adverse temperature (too many hot days, too many cold days) .

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