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Knowing how the claims process works helps to streamline the process and reduce stress. See our Fast Five brochure for five important takeaways to remember when a claim occurs. To download the Brochure, click on the “Download Article” above.
Attached is a brochure that explains why not all crop insurance is the same…  To download the Brochure, click on the “Download Article” above.
Continuing from our 2022 Survey Program, in 2023 we’ve surveyed 48 properties across the major areas we insure to increase our awareness of crop development and seasonal conditions. To download the Report, click here.
It’s that time of year, the grey clouds are gathering, and hail might affect your crops. If it does happen, CRU wants the process to be as straightforward as possible. We’ve put together this checklist to help you with the process. To download the Brochure, click here.
Refuge crops are a critical part of the cotton industry’s Insect Resistance Management Strategy. Read how including them in your insurance details can increase your policy benefits and helps to avoid mistakes on insured areas and planting configurations.To download & read more, click here.
Crop Insurance
Do you want to know how our Broadacre Policies work? Have a look at our new Brochure attached.. To download the Brochure click on the “Download Article” above.
Cotton Insurance Brochure
As cotton planting speeds up in QLD and NSW we are glad to announce that we have opened for Cotton Insurance quoting for the 2023/24 season.   We have recently released our updated Cotton Brochure with explanations of the different phases of the crop and details of our insurance product including the included additional and...
CRU is rolling out it’s Property Survey Program for the 2023 Cropping Season. It’s a great opportunity for us to get some valuable insights into the seasonal conditions and in particular: Crop health, Yield Ranges & Harvest expectations. We’ve randomly selected Properties across the major Cropping regions to participate. To read more click on the...
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Don’t get caught out by storm season. We’ve put together some tips to make your claims experience as smooth as possible, if mother nature does affect your Crops… To read more click on the “Download Article” Above.
Property location is important, for a number ofreasons on your Crop Insurance… To read more click on the “Download Article” Above.
Price goes up …..price goes down. What’s the average in-field value of a crop? How much does it cost to harvest and sell? What are the savings if a crop’s not harvested? Getting the insured value right and avoiding paying too much for crop insurance. To read more click on the “Download Article” Above.
Using Latitude & Longitude in Crop Insurance & a quick guide to formats and how to access/create Shape Files. Here are the links that are in the below post: Exporting Boundaries from JD Ops Agworld : How to Export Company, Farm & Field Maps from Agworld : Latitude Longitude Converter: To read more...
At CRU, we get asked about the Estimated Insured Yield in crop insurance & why it’s important to get it right.Not too much, not too little ……just right.Finding the Goldilocks number for crop insurance Estimated Insured Yield before the Final Revision Date. To read more click on the “Download Article” Above.