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Broadacre Insurance

We cover you against the percentage loss of Potential Yield of your Crop as a result of hail & fire and to a limited extent due to chemical overspray & straying livestock.

CRU provides two Insured Yield options:

  • Capped Yield Option – This enables you to fix the maximum Insured Yield (which limits the Field Sum Insured) at the Final Revision Date. The premium is invoiced after the Final Revision Date.
  • Variable Yield Option – This provides flexibility for the Insured Yield (subject to limits) based on your Harvested Yield. The premium is invoiced after the crops are harvested.

CRU also provides two Policy Types:

    • Classic Broadacre Policy – This Policy type is similar to our historic Crop Insurance Policies, doesn’t require a Kml/Kmz file & is not available for accounts with large Sums Insured.
    • Precision Broadacre Policy – Introduced in 2023, this policy allows the transfer of data from agronomic management programs to CRU’s underwriting system. By submitting a GIS digital file (Kml/Kmz), your Policy’s Properties & Fields are automatically created, saving you time & effort whilst reducing the potential for data entry errors. Additionally, you’ll benefit from a lower rate, potentially greater Insured Yield flexibility & generous underinsurance allowances.
CRU's policies include a Reducing Excess as standard & the following Additional Benefits
  • Replant subsidy following hail within the replant period
  • Harvested grain in storage and/or transit
  • Stored Fodder in storage or transit
  • Fire mitigation expenses
  • Preferential field excess percentages may apply when mapped yield data is supplied.
How to get a quote?

You will need to contact our insurance intermediary partners Click here, Or submit your enquiry through this link Click here.

Information about the policies

To view the Broadacre Flyer/Brochure (click here).


The information contained on the website is for general information purposes ONLY and does not form any part of any insurance policy. At all times you should refer to the current CRU policy wording for the complete details of coverage provided by CRU’s products.