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Perennial Tree & Vine Insurance

CRU’s Perennial Tree and Vine insurance provides cover against losses caused by Fire.

It uses satellites to measure the light emittance of fires and the light reflectance of vegetation pre and post burn, to provide a calculation of the loss. As it is a remotely assessed product it is normally not necessary for loss adjustors to visit the location of loss, making the process prompt and indiscriminate.

The technology beyond the product is utilised by the private sector and government agencies around the world (including Australia) to locate and determine the severity of wildfire activity.

Important to know:
  • Require KML/KMZ/Shapefiles of each block to be insured.
  • Covers only standing tree/vine and not the crop.
  • Uses different severity classes to discriminate between moderate and severe burn intensity.
How to get a quote?

You will need to contact our insurance intermediary partners Click here, Or submit your enquiry through this link Click here.

Information about the policy

To view the Perennial Tree & Vine Insurance Brochure (click here).


The information contained on the website is for general information purposes ONLY and does not form any part of any insurance policy. At all times you should refer to the current CRU policy wording for the complete details of coverage provided by CRU’s products.